Frugal Paleo Cookbook Bonus Package

Thank you to everyone who reserved their copy early. The Frugal Paleo Cookbook is now available in stores everywhere!

The Frugal Paleo Cookbook shows everyone how to eat well and eat well within their means, by maximizing time in the kitchen, avoiding waste and preparing delicious food that you actually want to eat.  You won't find pretentious food here; only easily accessible ingredients, prepared using approachable cooking methods and in ways that prioritize saving time, effort and sanity!

I'm thrilled that you pre-ordered my book and want to thank you for your early support by offering this bonus package filled with special offers! Need a copy? Order on or Barnes & Noble now and come back to this form with your confirmation code... 

When you're ready to go, enter a few bits of info below and I'll send you this bonus package:
  • My 20 Frugal Finds at Costco
  • 10 Paleo Diet Myth Busters
  • 7 special offers to some of my favorite Paleo products, services and brands like Barefoot Provisions, Exo Protein Bars, Fat Face Skincare, TX Bar Organics grass-fed beef, PrimalPal online meal planner, Pure Indian Foods and WholeMe! 
Here's to making every bite count!

PS: The Frugal Paleo Cookbook hits shelves on December 2nd, so be sure to pass along this great offer to your friends and family. It's only available until December 1st! 

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